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                        (Ex: 6330 W. Thunderbird Rd., Glendale)

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To add locations, simply left-click the map. The first location you add is considered to be the start of your journey. If you click 'Get Directions Most Efficient Roundtrip', it will also be the end of your trip. If you click 'Get Directions 'Above Order'', the last location (the one with the highest number), will be the final destination. To remove a location, click its marker. If more than nine locations are specified, you are not guaranteed to get the optimal solution. If a location is sufficiently far from a road, the solver will fail (Google driving directions will fail).

To print the map and instructions, use your browser's print function (e.g hit CTRL-P). For best print results, use the Opera web browser. FireFox does not print the path in the map. Safari and Internet Explorer work ok.


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Up to 24 locations now accepted.

Try walking directions and avoid highways!

NEW! Yields the optimal solution when the number of locations is less than or equal to 15 (previously 9).